The APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship
  1. Teams entering this event can be any combination of men or women, with a total combined Skill Level limit of 10.
  2. Players may only participate on one team.
  3. Players must be from the same League area.
  4. Players must have at least 20 9-Ball scores within the last two years by the entry deadline of March 14, 2014 to participate.
  5. You must be on an active (Spring Session) APA roster in the 9-Ball format in the League area the team represents.
  6. Players cannot be 8-Ball Doubles, Wheelchair Challenge, 8-Ball Classic or 9-Ball Shootout participants.
  7. APA rules apply.
  8. The Entry Fee is $100 per team. There will be no refunds to entrants who are disqualified for any reason, including no-shows.
  9. Maximum field is 256. (Size of board will be based on number of entries.)
  10. Matches are played according to an APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship Handicap Race Chart provided at the Event.
  11. Players alternate shots, not turns.
  12. One coaching time-out per team, per game, is allowed.

Entry fee is $20 per player if you register at least 2 weeks prior to the event and $30 per player if you register within 2 weeks of the event.