For the most part, teams don't like a 4-team division. You play the same teams too many times during the session.  It's always better to have more competition and more variety in who you play!  Therefore, APA is asking for your help in BEEFING UP and growing our 4-team divisions! Growing your 4-team division to 6-teams will benefit the whole division, not only by making it more exciting, but monetarily as well.

For the APA Fall Session, if you help your 4-team division grow to 6 teams, EVERY team in the division will receive a $10 discount on APA team fees for the ENTIRE session!  With this BEEF-UP the division promo, all teams in the division get in on the discount in team fees, not just the new teams joining the division.

How can you help secure this discount?  Recruit your Friends, family, former APA members that aren't currently playing, and APA members that are active on other nights to join your 4-team division.  You can also split your current team and make two teams.  If you split your team, not only will you receive the $10 discount for helping grow your division to 6 teams, you will also receive the two weeks of FREE play (for both teams) for splitting your team!  Think about it this way, if everyone in the division brings in one new player, the division can grown to 6, if not 8 teams!  It's a group effort, so work together with your 4-team division and grow to 6 teams this Fall Session!